Online Casinos with the Best Double Exposure Blackjack Games in 2023

With double exposure blackjack, you get to peek at the dealer’s hand once, fulfilling a long-held blackjack player fantasy. Unique among online casino games, this one has a more contemporary tone to appeal to modern players. It takes a more lighthearted approach to the game of blackjack than some of the more traditional versions. The year 2023 is prime time to try something new at our Jackpot City if you haven’t before.

We have reviewed hundreds of Canadian online casinos to compile a list of the best options for playing Double Exposure Blackjack. All the casinos we recommend here have been thoroughly checked for things like safety, honesty, banking methods, game variety, and more. What you will find on this page is:


Blackjack with these special rules

What sets it apart from other 21 games is the unique scoring system.

How to improve your game with the most effective methods and techniques

Brief Introductory Note

You need to know the fundamentals of online Double Exposure Blackjack just like you would any other card game like roulette found in Canadian casinos. You’ll feel right at home if you’ve played “regular” blackjack before, as the rules are very similar. The traditional goal of blackjack is, without going over (busting), to have a hand that comes as near to 21 as possible. Whoever makes it there first without going bust is declared the winner. However, in Canadian casinos, there is typically an additional set of regulations for each blackjack variant. In casinos that include Double Exposure Blackjack, the following are the most important guidelines to follow.


Because you get to view the dealer’s up card and down card at the start of Double Exposure Blackjack, it’s a fan favorite. You can improve your strategy with such knowledge in hand.

Blackjack Variations and Their Differences

Just by looking at the name, you can tell that in double exposure both of the dealer’s cards are showing. As a result, there are laws in place to provide a level playing field, which is both a benefit and a disadvantage for the player. The following few minutes will teach you the essentials of playing Double Exposure Blackjack like a pro in a casino. You’re probably asking at this point what sets this variant’s experience distinct. Here is a rundown of the ways in which it differs from the live dealer version.


The first potential game-changing change is that, unlike in games like blackjack switch, both of the dealer’s cards are seen to the player.

At the start of the game, or before the first deal, the cards are turned face up.

To ensure a level playing field, rules such as limiting splitting to once each hand are implemented while using face-up cards.

Gain extra money if you have a blackjack.

In standard blackjack, a tied hand can be pushed by receiving a 21 or higher, however this is not the case in Double Exposure Blackjack.

If you roll an even number, you get paid, but if you roll an odd number, you don’t.

All ties are decided in favor of the dealer, with the exception of a tied blackjack, which is decided in favor of the player.

Tips for Beating the Odds

Like in other forms of blackjack, the objective here is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Changes have been made to the game’s overall strategy. The rules of Double Exposure Blackjack will change from one reputable online casino to the next.


Although the house edge in Double Exposure Blackjack is the highest of any blackjack variant, blackjack experts agree that if played correctly, it gives the best odds of any blackjack game in any casino. Typically, there are eight cards in a shoe, and the dealer must stand on soft 17. You can only split after doubling down, and you can only double down on hard 9, 11, and soft 19, and 20. In the event of a blackjack tie between the player and the house, the player will win the hand in which the split occurred.


Best Method for Newcomers

Inexperience is a common disadvantage for newcomers to casino online Double Exposure Blackjack and other card games like online roulette. That will cost you dearly in both games in almost all cases. But now that you have this information, you can play like a pro in no time. Have you ever heard the expression, “knowledge is power?” If that’s the case, then arming yourself with the correct knowledge can make you an authority.


No matter if you’re playing roulette or blackjack, rookie mistakes are inevitable at first. Thanks to our insight, you won’t make the same mistakes we did. Listed below are some Double Exposure Blackjack strategies that will help you immensely.


It would be foolish for a beginner to choose a blackjack game with a big house edge when all they need to do is shop around for a good deal.

You should also use a blackjack strategy card to help you make the right decisions at the right times.

Money management skills are an additional necessity. What we mean is to set a loss limit and a profit target. Knowing when to act and when to stand still is crucial. How much time you spend playing will determine how you divide this. Half of $200 is $100, so divide that in half again to get $10 in each hand. Your goal is to make $100, so if you lose that much money, it’s time to quit.

Competitive Tactics

The game you choose to play Double Exposure Blackjack at should be closely monitored. Many of the CA online casino sites that have opened in the past have been shut down quickly afterward due to their dishonest practices. You probably wouldn’t want to risk your money on sites that look promising at first but disappear soon after. In a word, no. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best reputable and entertaining Canadian online casinos.


Find the Best Places to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

View Our List of Recommended Gambling Sites

Ruby Fortune is our #1 pick for the greatest overall Double Exposure Blackjack site. Canadian players are especially pleased with the high quality of customer care they receive, the transparency of the jackpot thermometer, which can provide an estimate of the amount you might expect to win, and the availability of other games, including roulette. Check out our comprehensive gambling establishments that support Double Exposure Blackjack list.


The typical number of decks is six or eight. Double Exposure Blackjack, like conventional Blackjack, uses a total of 21 to win. Since everyone’s cards (including the casino’s) are out in the open, the dealer and the house both have an advantage.

Hands of the dealer: The players have an advantage because they can see the cards and calculate the odds against them. Casinos counteract this by only making payments in even quantities, such as (1:1), rather than the more common (3:2). The dealer takes all ties unless a player has a natural blackjack, so how that works remains a mystery. If the dealer has a soft 17, you can double your bet. When you roll a 9, 10, or 11, the answer changes.

Dividing guidelines: Only three separate splits are allowed. When you have ten value dissimilar cards, you can divide and then double down. When two aces divide, you still only get one card. Because players can only split once during a hand, you should know that the frequency with which you split is reduced.

More guidelines for doubling: The doubling rules in Double Exposure Blackjack might vary from one online casino to the next. The first two cards at some of the best casinos can be doubled, but at others it’s only particular cards of a certain value that can be doubled.


How do I play Double Exposure Blackjack?

All the dealer’s cards are exposed in this variation of blackjack. Remembering when and how to double down is the key concept here. You should double down if you hold a ten and the dealer’s upcards total twelve, fifteen, eight, and ten. If the dealer is showing a 5-6/12-15 and you have a 9, you can double down. If the dealer shows a 4-8-12-15, you should double down with a pair of 5. In all other situations, you should not double down. You can split aces, but not if the dealer is showing an 11. Contrarily, strike his hand.

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